About Wynne

IMG_3637Welcome to Sweet Tea & Small Talk. My name is Wynne Boliek and this is my website. I am glad you decided on a big ole glass of Sweet Tea. And just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, down in the South (also lovingly referred to as God’s Country – sorry Wyatt and Paul, but its true!) we like our tea iced and super sweet! It pairs up perfectly with every southerners favorite pastime gossiping and throwing shade. So pull up a rocker and get your Latrice Royale shade fan ready- and lets get started. We have lots to talk about!

This is my personal blog where I plan on sharing my own personal views on a host topics and issues. The emphasis on those two words are the key words of the previous sentence. Being a public employee doesn’t mean my employer(s) share my own personal beliefs. Occasionally I will share articles or things of note from other people as well. Just because I share the ideas or views of another on here, does not necessarily mean I agree with, endorse, or promote the beliefs of that person. It simply means I thought it might be of interest of my readers.

Finally, this website will not be for everyone – and thats ok! If you disagree with something, there’s no need to go off and get mad as a wet hen. Just find yourself a different front porch to sit on over yonder and a different flavor of sweet tea to sip. But for the love of all, please keep it sweet. Otherwise, Bless your little heart, there’s no helping you….