About Wynne

IMG_3637Welcome to Sweet Tea & Small Talk. My name is Wynne Boliek and this is my personal  blog. I am glad you decided on a big ole glass of Sweet Tea, because here at Sweet Tea & Small Talk all out tea is served ice cold with a little bit of shade and a whole lot of sass thrown in for good measure. And just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, down in the South (also lovingly referred to as God’s Country – sorry Wyatt and Paul, but its true!) we wouldn’t have it any other way! It pairs up perfectly with every southerners favorite pastime gossiping and throwing shade. So pull up a rocker and get your Latrice Royale shade fan ready- and lets get started. We have lots to talk about!

Before we start spilling’ the tea, I want to say one thing:This is my personal blog where I plan on sharing my own personal views on a host topics and issues that I have opinions on. The emphasis on those two words are the key words of the previous sentence. Being a public employee who works for the state of South Carolina certainly  does not mean my employer(s) share my own personal beliefs. Occasionally I will share articles or things of note from other people as well. Just because I share the ideas or views of another on here, does not necessarily mean I agree with, endorse, or promote the beliefs of that person. It also does not mean that they support everything I write here on this blog either.  It simply means I thought it might be of interest of my readers.

Finally, this website will not be for everyone – and thats ok! I freely admit that some of my views you might consider extreme, but thats the way I see it so that is the way I am calling it. If you disagree with something, there’s no need to go off and get mad as a wet hen. Just find yourself a different front porch to sit on over yonder and a different flavor of sweet tea to sip. But for the love of all, please keep it sweet. Otherwise, Bless your little heart, there’s no helping you….